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Project management for scientists
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Project management for scientists

If you want a long, successful career as a scientist, you need to know how to effectively manage science projects. Project management skills can mean the difference between success and failure. Poor project management compromise the quality of a project’s conduct, its outcomes and outputs, and reflects poorly on the scientist. Project management skills will help scientists improve their ability to meet milestones, avoid risks and issues and improve access to opportunities, including additional funding.

If your goal is to improve the quality of your science, improve access to opportunities and funding, and amplify the impact of your science, then this bootcamp is what you’re looking for.

Sativus Bootcamps will rapidly increase your knowledge and skills through individualised learning and understanding of the skills needed to avoid and minimise project risks, and improve access to opportunities.

This Sativus Bootcamp will cover:

  • Understanding the difference between failed research and failed project management
  • The triple constraints – time, cost, quality
  • How to keep projects on track (and get them back on track)
  • Understanding risk and identifying opportunities
  • Risk identification, mitigation and management
  • Preparing risk, communications and quality plans
  • Preparing and managing a budget
  • Managing time and avoiding delays
  • Closing out a project


  • Individual one-on-one session with the course facilitator
  • Access to the Sativus GEMS online Bootcamp course
  • An intensive 4 hour interactive session
  • Support in developing project management materials for your project
  • Helpful take-away resources

Places in each Bootcamp are limited.

Facilitated by

Kylie Hewson - Sativus

Dr. Kylie Hewson has 15 years experience working as a scientist, science manager, communicator and advocate. She is passionate about helping scientists build the skills they need to manage successful projects and make their science and ideas more accessible. She also helps science managers with their important role of delivering quality outcomes to investors, end-users and other stakeholders. Kylie has extensive experience preparing proposals to fund her own research, and reviewing proposals to provide recommendations on investment in several sectors. She has won national and international awards for her science and its communication and leads several initiatives to help other scientists.

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