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A research and development (R&D) program is defined as investing in and conducting more than one project into a larger body of work that achieves outcomes to meet strategic goals and stakeholder requirements.

R&D programs are enhanced with the inclusion of Extension – which creates a full RD&E program. Extension is crucial to the promotion of scientific outcome through the implementation of various activities, so that research outcomes can be adopted. Extension activities need to be included in all new projects, to ensure each project is impactful and leads to a successful RD&E program.

A formal Research, Development and Extension (RD&E) Program will provide efficient and effective opportunities for communication with the public and other external stakeholders.

Note, that any program developed should align with requirements under the Australian Tax Office R&D Incentives Program to be eligible for tax offsets for eligible R&D activities.

Ways Sativus can Help

Engage with investors and organisations to assess current research programs to identify the cause of, and solutions to, poor quality projects and outcomes.

Design new research programs for organisations that do not yet have one established.

Coordination of multi-party research projects, especially those that are based on complex or sensitive subject matter, into programs of work.

Development of new RD&E program templates, including communications, extension and adoption requirements.

Capture and alignment of existing projects and newly funded projects to incorporate into a new RD&E program.

Development of Research strategies through determination of priorities and stakeholder consultation.

Development of monitoring, evaluation and reporting requirements to ensure RD&E programs are achieving real impact.

Identification and facilitation of strategic research partnerships to enhance RD&E programs and projects.


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