The Sativus STEM GEMS Program has been established to help students with a passion for science build essential skills needed to explore the wonderful career diversity STEM has to offer. STEM GEMS is a learning program created by scientists and educators, for students and teachers, to help those interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math to Grow, Evolve, Mentor and Succeed. Improving scientists’ ability to develop ideas and critical thinking skills, manage projects, collaborate and communicate science underpins their ability to solve real-world problems and create science with impact.

The STEM GEMS program encompasses two main phases: Phase 1 is a professional development workshop for STEM teachers that delivers content aligned to the Australian Curriculum. This forms the foundation for Phase 2 of the program, which involves effectively teaching real-world STEM skills to high school students.

The STEM GEMS Program helps students be better prepared for the realities of working in STEM, and gives teachers the skills and resources they need to support their students.

Project-based learning assessments that are based on a hypothesis or challenge that generates students’ curiosity engage and motivate the students to succeed in their chosen field.

As such, the STEM GEMS Program helps teachers integrate key concepts into their curriculum using a project selected from the Australian Curriculum’s Environment portfolio to allow students to use scientific inquiry skills that target an identified need in their school. The ‘playground project’ will be used to integrate the teachers’ new professional development material with the students’ newly learned STEM GEMS skills using a 6E framework of STEM curriculum integration.

The STEM GEMS Program includes course resources that are uniquely designed in line with the school curriculum to provide extra support for teachers and provide a step-by-step guide on what information needs to be integrated into their curriculum, and when.

Bridie Schultz


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