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Science can be daunting, and resources wasted if people aren’t given the proper skills or support they need to generate impact from science. There are so many things you don’t get taught before you launch your career – presenting work, writing a grant proposal, networking, managing a complex project and budget.

We’ve been there. Sativus is proudly a company created by scientists for science. We established Sativus to equip those who create, manage and invest in science with the skills and support we wished we had before we launched into our science careers. We help scientists and investors avoid science that is poorly designed and conducted, or poorly communicated.

The Sativus team is passionate about ensuring science is the best it can possibly be.

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We work on behalf of our clients to design, manage and communicate their research.

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We empower our clients to be the best they can be by supplementing their science skills through our professional development courses

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SPEARS – Communicating Science

Supporting Quality Science When it’s time to report, Sativus can help ensure that your science is accessible to all the audiences that matter through clear and engaging communication. We will write and present your science in a way that leaves

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GEMS – Key Concepts

Essential Science Skills There are a few skills you may not realise you need to be a successful scientist, until you’re in a position where you’re expected to do something, like network, dealing with rejection and finding opportunity. Or things

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GEMS – Project Management

Essential Science Skills Project management skills can mean the difference between success and failure. Poor project management compromises the quality of a project’s conduct, its outcomes and outputs, reduces impact and reflects poorly on the scientist. Project management skills will

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SPEARS – Creating Science Impact

Creating Science Impact Science knowledge and resources are wasted when research projects and programs are not effectively communicated, or if they are not systematically consolidated in a way that those who need the information can access it and use it.

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GEMS – Science Communication

Essential Science Skills There is no point doing science unless the outcome is going to be used – and the only way that can happen is if you communicate your science and its results to those who need the information.

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Essential Science Skills We’re all for ‘teaching people to fish’. At Sativus this means we empower those who create, manage and invest in science through the Sativus GEMS professional development courses. These courses are designed to help improve the skillset

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Women in STEMM

Women in STEMM

#WinS There is substantial evidence, particularly from the business sector, that integrating women into projects, programs and positions of leadership produces large social and economic benefits. The Sativus Women in STEMM (WinS) Program is designed to help women in STEMM

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SPEARS – Creating Research Programs

Supporting Quality Science A research and development (R&D) program is defined as investing in and conducting more than one project into a larger body of work that achieves outcomes to meet strategic goals and stakeholder requirements. R&D programs are enhanced

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SPEARS – Managing Science

Supporting Quality Science When starting a project, Sativus can work alongside scientists and investors to ensure that quality science is being created, right from the get-go, with effective project management. We help ensure that the research design and analysis are

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Sativus Memberships

Become a member Our new membership packages offer an easy and affordable (how does a >75% cost saving sound?) way for scientists and research organisations to cover their professional development needs for the next 12 months. We have courses and

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STEM GEMS The Sativus STEM GEMS Program has been established to help students with a passion for science build essential skills needed to explore the wonderful career diversity STEM has to offer. STEM GEMS is a learning program created by

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Supporting Quality Science We provide Support for Project management, Establishing RDE Programs, Assessing RDE Programs, Reports and Summaries, to reduce your work burden and give you more time. Just ask us, and we can be ‘hands on’ and help you

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