Growing Quality Science & Scientists

Growing Quality Science & Scientists

Sativus Pty Ltd is a network of experienced scientists with diverse skills across research, communications, education, business, and project management. We provide support for people across the whole knowledge chain, because we have personal experience in each of those positions: school students > school teachers > university students > academia > researchers > research managers > research investors.

Sativus was founded by Dr Kylie Hewson and Dr Bridie Schultz in 2018 after realising today’s scientists and science programs are caught short when it comes to project management, research design and communications. Too much science was being left on the shelf, or not communicated in a way that people could understand it, research was failing because of poor project management and scientists didn’t have the skillset required to commercialise the outcomes of their research. We established Sativus to ensure that investment isn’t wasted, and research is high quality, aligned with end-user needs and presented in a language that is understandable by those that need the information.

What we do at Sativus continually evolves, but at the core of it – scientists all have unique tasks and projects, and we work with them to help them overcome their challenges and amplify their opportunities.

Our employees and associates have won national and international awards for research and communications. They have been integrally involved in the review, improvement and establishment of research and education programs and projects and guided the development of strategies and processes to improve project efficiencies and stakeholder engagement.

We’re all for ‘teaching people to fish’. At Sativus, this means we empower people across the knowledge chain with the skills to create, manage, and communicate their best-possible work.

The Sativus Team

Dr Kylie Hewson - Sativus

Dr Kylie Hewson

Dr Hewson has a PhD in Molecular Virology, Honours in Biomedical Research and a Degree in Biotechnology, Cert IV in Business Management, Cert IV in Project Management, is an agricultural industry leader, invited speaker and has won national and international awards for her science and science communications. She has 15+ years’ experience in research, research management and science communications.

Dr Bridie Schultz

Dr Schultz has a PhD in Theriogenology, Masters in STEM Education, Honours in Human Reproduction, Bachelor of Animal Science, and leads researcher coaching programs. She has 10+ years’ experience working in research, research management and science communications.

Clara Tolman

Clara is passionate about making meaningful contributions to agriculture and science. She won the 2020 Women in AgriTech Pitch Competition and was a Rural Youth Ambassador in 2021. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Science with a specialisation in Regenerative Agriculture and was awarded a Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship for academic excellence.

Astra Sang Yum

Astra has 15 years' experience in stakeholder engagement, customer relations and event planning. She is qualified in early childhood education and has co-designed STEM education programs that focus on providing students with the support they need to excel.

Sativus Associates

Sativus’ commitment to equity and inclusion is not just a policy, it is an integral part of the company – a diverse and inclusive work environment enriches company culture and enhances creativity, innovation, and overall success. Some scientists and educators are unable to work eight hours a day, five days a week, but have valuable skills and experience to contribute to delivering high-quality outputs for Sativus clients. We engage with these professionals to work on projects in a way that utilises their unique skillsets and suits their individual work requirements. Sativus project teams are actively involved in decision-making so they can provide input on delivery dates and task allocation to ensure that expectations are achievable and align with individuals’ capacities.

Through this process, Sativus fosters an environment that supports a positive work-life balance and enhances the productivity and well-being of our team. We have access to people with the right skills to develop tailored solutions for each of our clientele’s unique challenges and ensures that the experts who work on our projects are passionate about what they are doing.

Do you want to work on projects that you have a genuine passion for? Do you need a work schedule that accommodates for your unique personal circumstances? Contact us to discuss your involvement in the Sativus Network.

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