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We’re a network of scientists and specialists with experience across science, communications, education, business and project management.

Sativus was founded by Dr Kylie Hewson and Dr Bridie Schultz in 2018 after realising today’s scientists and science programs are caught short when it comes to project management, research design and communications. Too much science was being left on the shelf, or not communicated in a way that people could understand it, research was failing because of poor project management and scientists didn’t have the skills they needed to do things, like network, collaborate and deal with rejection. They are passionate about ensuring investment isn’t wasted, but produces high quality, accessible science.

Between them, the Sativus founders have won national and international awards for their science and communications. They were both integrally involved in the review, improvement and establishment of research programs, reports and summaries across many organisations, and guided the development of strategies and processes to improve project efficiencies and stakeholder engagement. They have both been research program managers, so are very aware of the practicalities involved with creating, managing and communicating successful research programs.

We’re all for ‘teaching people to fish’. At Sativus this means we empower researchers, managers and investors with the skills not taught at universities to create, manage and communicate their best-possible science.

The Sativus Team

Dr Kylie Hewson

Dr Hewson has a PhD in Molecular Virology, Honours in Biomedical Research and a Degree in Biotechnology, Cert IV in Business Management, Cert IV in Project Management, is an agricultural industry leader, invited speaker and has won national and international awards for her science and science communications. She has 15+ years’ experience in research, research management and science communications.
Email: kylie@sativus.com.au

Dr Bridie Schultz

Dr Schultz has a PhD in Theriogenology, Masters in STEM Education, Honours in Human Reproduction, Bachelor of Animal Science, and leads researcher coaching programs. She has 10+ years’ experience working in research, research management and science communications.
Email: bridie@sativus.com.au

Courtney Bailey

Courtney Bailey

Courtney has a Bachelor of Agribusiness, Bachelor of Applied Science, Bachelor of Psychology (currently completing Honours), Graduate Diploma of Teaching and Learning (secondary) and has been registered with Queensland College of Teachers (QCT) for 5 years. She works in Queensland and NSW high schools and as an education and community consultant across various agricultural sectors. .
Email: courtney@sativus.com.au

Trent Hewson

Trent has a Degree in Design Communication and Advanced Diplomas in both Multimedia and Networking Engineering. He has 15+ years experience working with a broad range of clients in making their information and data accessible to others.
Email: admin@sativus.com.au

Dr Rachel Lee

Dr Lee has a PhD in Law, Honours in Economics, Bachelor of Economics and Cert IV in graphic design. Since 2015, she has been a practicing graphic designer in industries spanning fashion, food, horticulture and agriculture. She is one of 15 participants in the coveted 2022 Maker Entrepreneurship Program, an initiative subsidised by Brisbane City Council to help commercialise her art.

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